Module Creation

Module is a compatible with Ymple and Module can be uploaded via the admin interface in the menu install - module. The format of a module is .zip

To create a module, you can take example on the existing module available for download and check out the content.

A Module is composed of one folder module containing the templates and controllers

A Module can add to the Ymple installation new theme or new controller or both together.

For example you can create a theme module , a social login or SEO module .

You can also send us to [email protected] the module to have it available on the platform .

Modules / Theme


Modules to integrate payment solution from main partner as Paypal, Stripe or Mobile Payment System

Web Design and SEO

Module to increase your SEO performance

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Module to enable Mobile implementation with Web Progressive App or Native mobile app project


Themes based on your activity and the stype you want to have for your E-Commerce Solution

Emailing - Customer Flow

Module to increase Emailing campaign and track the user experience on your Platform


Module to implement your delivery provider and integrate all the data of shipping